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Why Montessori?

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Maria Montessori was a revolutionary and a visionary in the field of education. She shifted the attention away from the traditional teacher-directed learning model to a learner-centered one. By recognizing a child's natural desire to learn and providing them with scientifically-designed materials, each child develops concentration, coordination, independence, and a regard for order.

At Children's House Montessori, our prepared environment describes much more than just a classroom and the work on the shelves. It includes our physical surroundings which are child-sized and child-focused, authentic Montessori materials to facilitate a child's learning, and an experienced, enthusiastic, trained guide who observes and facilitates each child's natural progress. All this in a peaceful, joyful, respectful community of peers.

Montessori Resources

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by Rosa Packard
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How to Raise an Amazing Child, the Montessori Way
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Montessori Benefits

  • Each child learns at his/her own pace in a carefully prepared environment.
  • Materials are sequenced from the concrete to the abstract, allowing for repetition and success. Many materials are self-correcting.
  • Montessori helps a child develop focus, concentration, independence, and to learn and appreciate order in their work.
  • Teachers have a deep respect for children as unique individuals
  • Children learn with hands-on experiences and investigations
  • Classrooms encourage freedom of movement in a non-competitive environment
  • Montessori allows a child to have extended and uninterrupted work times to explore materials
  • Children learn self-discipline, an internal sense of purpose of motivation, and to be kind and peaceful

A Montessori education helped to develop...
Larry Page and Sergy Brin...the co-founders of Google, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, Anne Frank, Julia Child, T. Berry Brazelton, Princes William and Harry, Actress Helen Hunt, Chelsea Clinton, Jeff Bazos, founder of Amazon...

How will Montessori inspire your child?