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Families Say...

"My children received the best educational foundation during their schooling with Paula Granofsky. They were taught how to learn so that when they moved on they had a full understanding of how the classroom works and could focus on the lessons. They learned how to respect others and enjoy school." - R.G.

"My two sons had the privilege of being taught by Paula Granofsky, each of them with their own positive experiences. My first son was able to develop his love of science and math using the Montessori methods. Never did a day go by that my son didn't look forward to going to school. As for my second son, he discovered he could be orderly, patient, and independent . He still practices many of the routines he learned at school. He gets himself dressed in the morning, arranges his shoes by the door, and puts toys back in the right spot after use. I highly recommend anyone interested in the Montessori method to check out Children's House Montessori!" - C.H.

"A wonderful, small school setting for your child. My daughter gained so much and has wonderful memories of her Montessori experiences and school." - K.M.

"The teachers at Children's House Montessori are gifted and loving to every child. This school is a solid decision for your family." - T.H.

Children's House Montessori Preschool, West Roxbury, MA